Tuesday, 31 March 2020 11:42

Important Message from the President, Senatus of Melbourne


Dear Spiritual Directors and Legionaries

As the Coronavirus restrictions tighten and we are strongly encouraged to stay at home, let us use this Lenten silence to strengthen our relationship with God and increase our spiritual works of mercy. 

We have become such a hyperactive society that social isolation could be unsettling, however, God is inviting us during this health crisis to spend time with Him.  Our Church doors may be closed, but we can rebuild the Church quietly through our own domestic church - our homes.  This is where we can set up a special place to listen and talk to God.

Even though our meetings have been suspended, may I suggest that we can still rely on praesidia to sustain the Legion of Mary through the following ways:

  • Call-conferencing weekly praesidia meetings
  • Keep in touch with members and auxiliaries by phone or email
  • Form a group to remotely say the Holy Rosary - our most powerful weapon
  • Pray for your Parish Priest and keep contact with him

I encourage you to continue to pray privately or as a group, as both are admirable alternatives to receive the Graces we need to get through these difficult and strange days.  The daily Holy Mass podcasts are excellent and I’ve included a few websites below.

Please remember that each day we are united by praying the Catena.  We love God with our heart, soul and strength for He is our reality. 

Further updates will be released as they come to hand.

God bless you and your loved ones

Sue Hyde

29 March 2020

I recommend the following websites:

Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne
Department of Health and Human Services Victoria
Melbourne Catholic Mass
Word on Fire Daily Mass
Shalom World TV
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